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Many issues that hold back women’s equality – in pay, in recognition, in advancement, in equality of housing, health, justice and safety – are systemic. Because they are part of the status quo, the issues can seem invisible or be dismissed.

With a combination of journalistic and investigative smarts, Women’s Agency is committed to digging deep, to uncover the truth, the context and the narrative that can make people see the issues for the first time, or in a new light.

Licensed to undertake private and government investigations, Women’s Agency founder Gina McColl helps organisations unearth new evidence and mount a case for funding, reform or action.

Along with partner organisation, The Tell, we also undertake consortium-led investigations into public interest issues, bringing together a range of stakeholders with a shared interest to investigate systemic problems, or industry/sector issues, threats and opportunities.

We are dedicated to pursuing and reporting the facts, and their context, with ethics and rigour. We are driven by our commitment to honesty, fairness and independence in the way we operate and the investigations we lead.

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