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Many things that hold back women’s equality are systemic, part of the status quo. As a result, they can be invisible or easily dismissed.

Not by us. With a combination of journalistic and investigative smarts, Women’s Agency digs deep into systems or swamps.

We mine murky areas and complex information for truth and context. We find facts and avoid red herrings. In the din of white noise, we hear new stories. As a result, our work helps people see an issue in a new light. Or for the first time.

We also undertake consortium-led investigations into public interest issues, along with sister organisation The Tell. In this model, we bring together multiple stakeholders with a shared interest. We investigate consumer risks as well as industry or sector issues, threats and opportunities.

Women’s Agency is driven by ethics and rigour. We are committed to honesty, fairness and independence in the way we operate and the investigations we lead.

Founder Gina McColl is certified in Investigative Services and Government Investigations. Victorian Investigator Licence 962-139-90S.