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What we do.

Women’s Agency works to break glass ceilings and clean sticky floors.
A feminist news media consultancy, our goal is to advance women’s agendas, building their profile, impact and power.
We work for individuals in the corporate, professional and not-for-profit spheres. We also develop projects for women’s empowerment with like-minded partners.


Raise your


We help women devise pathways to prominence. We work with you to identify your goals, distil your ideas and work out the best platforms and schedule to launch your distinctive authority. And then we get on with it.


Stand up and

be counted.

Building women’s equality is our beat. We work across the economic, social, health, justice, cultural and political spheres. We’re seasoned experts in all aspects of campaigns and advocacy, from devising strategy and forging partnerships, to execution and delivery.


Hiding in

plain sight.

Many things that hold back women’s agency are systemic, part of the status quo. As a result, they can be invisible or easily dismissed. With a combination of journalistic and investigative smarts, we dig deep. We uncover the facts, context and narrative that means people see issues for the first time. Or in a new light.


Contact us

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